Consider These Steps When You Experience Monday Blue

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The word ‘blue’, unlike the colour, is defined as someone experiencing a lifeless and despairing mood. It is described to be a cloud of negative emotion that cannot be rid of easily. Well, unless you try extremely hard to do so.

If a workplace practices a culture of under-appreciating or unnecessary politics, it may undoubtedly create more of this ‘blue’ emotion, especially on Monday when people have just gotten back from a relaxing trip or wonderful family gathering. It is, as if, stepping into Dante’s circles of hell when you just experienced heaven.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, fighting this feeling may seem hard, but it is not impossible. Imagine yourself as child whom anticipating for first day of school. It might help you to understand these following steps.

1. Have enough sleep

Simplest advice, yet the hardest to abide. As an adult, having a social life is quite common, and it is even necessary for some people. However, keep in mind that even though that Sunday night plan seems so tempting, you might want to ponder on the fact that you need to wake up early for work the next.

Try to tell yourself the basic concept – sleeping gives you energy, you need energy for work, work gives you money, and money gives you the opportunity to plan a good weekend getaway.

It is always the start of the domino that you need to work hard on, and the rest will follow.

2. Dress for success

Remember that night before the school starts. You packed your backpack perfectly and went through timetable. But, ultimately, your main concern was what in your closet. You starred into it and you asked yourself, “which of these outfits will make me stand out from the rest of the kids?”

Try doing that, even though you are an adult now.

For some people, good clothing will bring the best out of them. Therefore, saving your best piece of outfit for Monday may change your negative thoughts towards your job.

Another thing – go ahead and flaunt that overly confident smile of yours. Be proud!

3. Make someone else happy

Karma is always one of the best things the universe could offer. Of course, it depends on which kind of karma.

A good one is like an excessively wrapped birthday present with disproportionate ribbons. It looks redundant, but it changes how you feel the moment you accept it.

The idea is the same with treating others with kindness. The moment you make someone’s day happier, even by the slightest, it will indeed set a different tone to the start of your week.

4. Have a post-work plan

“Which restaurant should I take my date to?” or “which bar should I meet my friends tonight?”

Get into thinking with questions like this. Allow yourself to anticipate that wonder plan, although it is not weekend.

You are not a working machine that is there to produce whatever that is told. You are a human. There is only certain amount of energy that you can spend within a day. If you spend most of them only at work, what is there left for yourself?