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Online shopping can be quite intimidating for some people. Whether you are a computer geek or an old grandma, something about handing your money over to someone virtually really freaks you out.

To ease down that fear, you might want to start learning a thing or two about online shopping hacks (worry not, it has nothing to do with computer coding).

1. Utilize the live chat to the max

The chat function is there is to reduce the barrier between shopper and seller. Since online shopping is done with zero human contact (hence the name), shoppers are given with options to further understand about the product and the company selling it. On some occasions, some sellers would even give out free gifts for those who chat with them.

2. Follow the sellers you love

Platforms such as Lazada gives you the option to follow sellers like how you can subscribe to Youtube channels. Any updates issued by them would either be prompted into your email or phone’s notification.

These updates include flash sales, vouchers, freebies etc. Basically, anything that will benefit you as a frequent shopper. You may try that function with our Lazada and Shopee official stores.

3. Pay close attention to some influencers

If you are not much of a fan to vloggers or any online celebrities out there, do it for the discounts. It is in their marketing strategies to give out freebies or discount codes. Most of the time, brands would announce when they are collaborating with any prominent influencers.

4. Find out what vouchers are currently available

Some shoppers, especially the non-frequent ones, do not bother to explore around that application before checking out their carts. Some deals are well-hidden. It could be because of UI settings, or simply an encouragement for you to look around more.

If you are lucky enough, you may come across with an expected free-shipping voucher. Sound small, doesn’t it? But being able to take off that RM6 for every item you purchased, that, my friend, is a sight of paradise.

5. Always take a stroll down the review section

As a shopper, there is no better sight than seeing an honest review. You would be surprise on the amount of information you can get from there.

Online shopping platforms do not simply allow people review unless the items they bought has been delivered to their doorsteps. Take your time and read up the comments. There are even photos uploaded by them.

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