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Some of us find humidifier very useful as it helps to reduce dry skin, sinus congestion, dry throat, cracked lips etc. In some case of flu or common cold, the humidifier can also provide some relieves.

Keep in mind that your home’s humidity level must be kept within 30 to 50 percent at all time. Anything beyond that would encourage the growth of dust mites, mildew, mold, and harmful bacteria. Too much of that will, of course, worsen your health condition especially if you have allergies or asthma.

These are the types of humidifier that suit your home:

1. Portable Air Conditioner with Humidifier

This type provides multiple function on top of humidifying your air. This can be very useful if you wish to cool a room, while retain the humidity within. The price can have a wide range, but remain affordable.

2. Evaporator

It blows moisture through a moistened filter with fans expelling the humidity into the air. Due to its portable size, it can only cover a room at a time. Be mindful with the amount of moistened air it emits, as too many of it may cause mold growth.

3. Impeller Humidifier

It works with the help of rotating disks that run at high speeds. Good thing about it is that it is often cheap and create only cool mist, making it very child-friendly. However, as it only emits a small area at a time, it may potentially may trigger allergies or asthma on some people if overused.

4. Air Purifier with Humidifier

This type of model provides you two different function at once – clean the air while keeping your skin well moistened. Some models even come with sensors that will detect if there is anyone in the room, making it extremely eco-friendly.

5. Ultrasonic Humidifers

It produces a cool mist with the help of ultrasonic vibration. The prices may be varied depending on the size of coverage. There are even options for cool or warm mist. With the cool-mist version, you don’t have to worry placing it in your child’s room.

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