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Disclaimer: The article is entirely writer’s opinion. Prices shown are according to the date of publishing.

So, the nation has gone into another round of long lock-down. It may seem great for health-wise, many have been cooped up in their homes for some times. Instead of staring blank at your home, why not take the time to pay more attention to it?

Have you noticed how essential your home appliances are?

Planning on what to buy or to upgrade can be quite tricky. You realize you are on a tight budget, but you also know you have to buy it sooner or later. While having all the quality product may sound nice, but are you willing to pay that much? Or maybe you could save up on one particular item, and spend more on the other?

We prepared a simple budget list of different products for your home, which you can take as part of your shopping guideline.

Self Grooming below RM500

(1) Philips Hair Dryer –  RM61

Almost everyone needs a proper hair dryer. You wouldn’t want to go out looking a total mess.

(2) Philips Body Trimmer – RM174

A must-have item at home for most guys. Pricing may range over RM300, but since you are on tight budget, this one fits everything well.

(3) Philips Lady Shaver – RM244

Another must-have item, but for her. What if you are single? You save even more then!

Total cost… RM479

Kitchen Appliances below RM2000

(1) Toshiba Inverter Fridge – RM1140

There are many options when it comes to fridge. Inverter, non-inverter, 2-door, 4-door etc. They key here is to decide how much the capacity and the amount energy-saving you need.

(2) Sharp Microwave Oven – RM249

As budget is your main priority now, getting items that provide multiple functions suits the situation best.

(3) Phison Gas Stove – RM172

The tempered glass top will definitely give you a classy and elegant style.

(4) Toshiba Rice Cooker – RM169

Being part of our main diet, never be too calculative over this.

(5) Panaosnic Blender – RM115

Kitchen without a blender is just weird. How are you going to prepare that home-made sambal?

(6) Faber Jug Kettle – RM62

A simple and affordable way to prepare some drinks for your future guests.

Total cost… RM1907

Home Appliances below RM5000

(1) Sharp 50” LED TV – RM1749

TVs, too, have tons of options you can choose from. What you need to focus on here includes dimension, resolution, warranty, colour display, smart functions etc.

(2) Daikin Inverter Aircond – RM1369

Just like a fridge, the options for inverter or non-inverter is available. In some models, you can even have smart functions.

(3) Toshiba Top Load Washer – RM757

It would be weird if you skip this part of the list, right? You should at least be able to do your laundry at home.

(4) Beko Stick Vacuum – RM439

Just because you are on budget planning, doesn’t mean you cannot style it up a little bit, right?

(5) Alpha Water Heater – RM368

Water heater may have a wider range of pricing and cost up to RM700. This allows you to specifically select the type you want.

(6) Deka Ceiling Fan – RM177

Depending on the size your house, you can get more than just one. Either way, it is still within the budget we set for you.

(7) Tefal Steam Iron – RM129

Of course everyone needs an iron at home, right? But the focus here is, are you willing to chip in extra cash for extra functions?

Total cost… RM4988

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