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The pandemic has surely brought us a some uncertainties in life. Even when the lockdown has finally been lifted, people are still expected to limit their interactions and activities, making everything you want to do feel like ever so restricted.

However, human nature tends to strive even in the harshest environment. We tend to be creative in fighting boredom or frustration. What others see as a bland confinement, we can always turn it into a space for creation.

Here are some simple ideas of what you can do when you feel stuck at home.

1. Experiment with social media

If you are one of the Boomers, don’t you get curious why do youngsters are so hyped with social media? And if you are part of Millenials, start exploring the possibilities with all these booming platforms.

Content Creation has become something businesses look forward to invest in the past few years. From the algorithms to the exposures, what social media offers can be huge but not necessarily straight-forward. So, it is up to you as an individual or organisation to discover its benefits. Good thing for you, the pandemic has given some free time at home.

2. Try out some cooking hacks

Some cooking hacks available on the Internet are bazaar, in the sense of how easy and inexpensive they are. For example, baking a Lava Cake using only few ingredients and a microwave. There is no particular type of microwave to complete the recipe. So long that you have one and it will do.

Another cooking hack you can try on is with your rice cooker. What these ‘life hack gurus’ suggested was to mix stock or marinated meat when cooking your white rice. Once again, any type of rice cooker is fine, because that is what cooking hacks are all about. As a result, you will get a fragrant and flavoured white rice, instead of the boring ones that you have been making.

3. Become tech geek for a while

Unless you are currently living in rural area, chances are, your home is surrounded with tech gadgets. From smart phones to televisions, these technology are basically embedded into our life very deeply. One does not simply live a day in a modern world without relying on a single tech gadget.

If you are thinking of killing time while at home, learning all these can surely do that. Tech learning requires plenty of theory and practical approach, hence, making the entire process quite lengthy. For example, have you tried to understand the difference of TVs available in the market? The price range is seemingly huge with multiple different labels such as Smart TV, Android TV, UHD TV, 4K TV, OLED TV, QLED TV etc. If you are able to get grip of all these, you may now want to consider which of them suit your needs best.

4. Catch up on your sleep

As simple as it may sound, this is the one thing that working adults commonly have trouble with. It is not necessarily insomniac, but our busy daily routine have somehow pushed back the sleep schedule, which should never be the case to achieve a better live. The lockdown in some areas and activity restrictions, it has given us time to focus on the essential parts of our daily routine, cutting back tons of entertainments and reasons for us to stay up late.

Catching up on your sleep does not mean to just go to sleep. It also includes your night time routines, such as cleaning yourself, making your bed, setting up the ambience, preparing your mind and body for sleep etc. You probably have never noticed this in the past. You simply threw in a pillow and fall asleep.

5. Improve your self-care skills

Wouldn’t you be glad when things return to normal and someone compliments you for looking so much better than they remember?

Finding the right self-care tools may not be that simple because there are just too many to focus on. Should you trim the facial hair? How thin should you leave it on? Do you curl your hair? Is my skin-care routine enough? Are you legs shiny enough? Do I own any good outfit?

This may sound superficial to some people, but as a social being that we all are, these physical appearances can a play good role in building a good relationship.

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