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As staying at home has become our only routine recently, it is only normal that you notice an increase in your electricity bill.

This may be resulted from various activities at your home, from working, cooking, cleaning, to watching TV. Although TNB has given us discounts of up to 40% for domestic electricity bills, some of us might still find it a burden due to the long period of staying at home.

As we know, electricity is a basic necessity for us to function in the modern life. However, many of us have taken it too lightly and left a space for wastage. This could also be done unconsciously, such as using the wrong appliances or simply forgetting to turn off the switch.

We gather here a list of common habits that you might have done in the past. Bookmark this as it could possibly help you cut down the bills.

1. Using Incandescent bulb too often

We are all familiar with this bulb. It always got drawn popping out someone’s head, showing that he/she got an idea. As adorable as it seems, this little light source is simply a waste of energy.

In comparison, a fluorescent lamp and LED light could save up to 80% of energy, while emitting a far better lighting than the incandescent bulb. The earlier two could also last up to 25 times longer, saving you a lot more money from having to replace them.

2. Powering an empty chest freezer

Just because they are energy-efficient chest freezers, it does not mean you have to keep it on 24/7. It saves you up a lot to turn it off when empty. But if you have to use it, be sure to make a full use, rather than just for a small item.

Side note, you should also check the freezer periodically to ensure everything is well. A bad seal could leak out the cold air, and clogged ventilation could build up more heat. You do not want any of these to happen.

3. Insisting to use old appliances

It is true that without older appliances, there wouldn’t be any new inventions. However, technology grows and it is best for us, as users, to keep up with the trend for some good reasons – it saves money and provides better quality.

In early 2000s, CRT TVs were still in used in many households. After the introduction of Plasma and LCD TVs, users quickly switch them as people started to realize the amount of energy CRT TVs were consuming. Same goes to other appliances such as rice cooker, fridge, washer, air-conditioner etc.

4. Not cleaning your air filters

Appliances such as air-conditioner, air purifier, or tower fan has a set of air filter in it. This helps to keep you indoor by pre-eliminating all unwanted particle from the air outside. Forgetting to clean them up could cause the appliances to use more energy when pulling in air. Also, you will miss out the entire purpose of having an air filter.

Some of these HVAC appliances come with smart features. Be sure to make use of that by setting a reminder when to replace it.

5. Leaving the appliances plugged in

This has been said by experts over and over, yet many of us seem to be forgetting it too easily. Although it does not consume energy by much, leaving it plugged in for too long will eventually cost you the same as having it turned on.

Another example you should really avoid is to leave your TVs on standby even when you are away from home. The standby feature will do fine if you intend to watch it again a little later.

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