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Hot weather is undeniably normal for each of us in this country, However, things could turn from bad to worst when heatwave comes. Regardless of being in your home or outdoor could make any difference. That’s when air-conditioning plays an important role.

Although many new air-conditioner models were built to last longer, as a user, you are still required to regularly pay attention to your unit. Sometimes, it is the small negligence that contributes to a bigger problem, which will eventually cause you to pay more for your electricity bill. To avoid this from happening, take note of the following common problems:

1. Duct leaks

Your duct work is the tube-like parts where air is transferred in or out of your home. It isn’t unusual for the duct work to develop leaks over time, preventing cool air from reaching your home efficiently. When this happens, your unit is forced to work harder pulling in cool air and consumes much more energy. You should schedule an appointment with the technician if you notice your unit isn’t cooling like how it used to.

2. Dirty filters

Air-conditioners pull in air from outside into your home. During this process, it also brings in other unwanted particles too, such as dust, allergen, pollen etc. All units are equipped with a filter to block away these particles. For some models, they are equipped with more advanced types of filters, such as HEPA or electrostatic filters. Always pay attention to how long your filter has been used or when to replace it. Otherwise, you might want to get ready for a higher electric bill on the next month because of your clogged filters.

3. Low refrigerant

Refrigerant or coolant is the chemical compound used to absorb environmental heat and provide cool air once it runs through compressor and evaporators. There are few signs that could tell you that the refrigerant level is low, such as the hissing sound or increased huminidity inside your home.

On the contrary to common myths, the refrigerant do not deplete over time. But if it does, the main culprits are normally caused by technical defects. For instance, the corrosion of copper tube walls or weakening joints. These will slowly leak out the refrigerant and causing your unit to consume more electricity.

4. Old models

The technology used in electrical appliances are always changing, offering you much better offers from to time. Due to that, older models can be rated as less efficient by recent standards. For example, the unit you bought more than a decade ago will never be the same quality as the ones offered in the market today. From the exterior design to the parts inside, these details could lead to the efficiency, which eventually affect the energy consumption.

5. Faulty thermostat

You have spent all day checking and repairing your air-conditioner unit, but somehow it’s still not functioning properly. If this happens, chances are, the themorstat could be at fault.

The thermostat is the sole device you use to communicate with your unit. However, if it’s broken or not working right, your unit may not know when to turn on or off, causing the entire electric bill shoot up unnecessarily. Lucky for you this isn’t a huge problem. Simply talk to your technician and it can easily be fixed.

With that in mind, air-conditioner indeed brings you the convenience you want, but also at the cost of constant maintainence. So keep doing it and you will notice a slight change in your electricity bill. And if you are looking to replace your air-conditioner, click into this link and start shopping – Air Conditioner @ DS HOME.

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