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Let’s talk about coffee, those tiny beans that help people get through their bluest day. It gets even better when prepared using precise coffee makers.

The aroma of coffee is indeed therapeutic and will wake your senses up. So far, there are over 800 known aromatics in coffee and new ones are still being discovered regularly. Depending on one’s taste buds and coffee quality, they may describe taste of it from nutty, fruity to floral.

With that much of flavour, it is only fair that you serve them in a form that satisfy you the most. That is when different types of coffee drinks matter most. Here is a list of their differences for you:

Black (Café Noir)

The simplest version all of the coffee available in the world. All you need is ground coffee beans and hot water. Do take note that the quality of coffee beans is highly important here due to the simple ingredients.


Probably the most common type of coffee everywhere. It consists of a shot of espresso and steamed milk (with an extra touch of foam). As it gained huge popularity in almost all places, you could probably notice many creative latte emerged alongside, such as vanilla latte or pumpkin spice latte.


Similar to latte, but with more foam and less steamed milk. You could also sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon if you fancy some toppings. Sometimes, you may see others use cream instead of steamed milk. Either way, they taste amazing.

Espresso / Doppio

Espresso is made by forcing nearly boiled water under high pressure through finely ground coffee. It can also be a foundation of many other types of coffee drinks. While Doppio is a double shot of espresso.


By balancing the amount of espresso and steamed milk, you can create a perfect cortado. Even the word ‘cortar’ itself means ‘to cut’. It isn’t usually decorated with foam art like latte, as its main focus here is to create an exquisite harmony between the two flavors.

Red Eye

A red eye is straight up a cure to any tiresome morning. It consists of a full cup of hot coffee with an espresso shot mixed in. Finish up that cup and you will find yourself eyes wide, heart racing.


Originated from Portugal, the drink consists of a quarter coffee and three quarters foamed milk. Served in a tall glass, it tastes lighter if compared to latte and cappuccino.  


It is an Italian word for ‘long’, which referring to a long-pull espresso. An average espresso takes about 18 to 30 seconds to pull, while a lungo may take up to 60 seconds. This resulted in a larger coffee and higher caffeine.


Literal translation of the word ‘caffe machiato’ is ‘marked coffee’, which refers to the small amout of milk in the center of an espresso. It falls happily in between the taste of a cappucino and a doppio.


Also called mochaccino, is a variant of a latte but with chocolate flavoring. Many varieties available all around the world, which sometimes use chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, sugar or sweetener. In some places, white chocolate is also used instead of the dark one.


This is a perfect selection if you are torn between having an ice-cream dessert or a coffee. Serving it is as simple a dropping a scoop of milk-flavored gelato into a cup of hot espresso. Voila… 2-in-1 solution for your dilemma.

It doesn’t matter whether you like it bitter or sweet, because after all, that cup of coffee is supposed to bring fulfillment to your day (or to wake you up). Now let’s try each one of these. Lucky for you we provide a perfect appliances that could help you out. Click here to browse for more – Coffee Maker @ dshome2u.

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