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Cleaning your home can be quite troublesome sometimes, especially when you do not own any suitable equipment. Those dusts in the corner or cobwebs on the wall, they can be pretty menacing if left unchecked. It is time for you to figure out the best way to deal with these unwanted debris you have been welcoming from outside.

We compiled a quick list of vacuums as a guideline for your next purchase. After better understand your preference and suitability, you might want to switch things around.

Upright Vacuum

Commonly equipped with powerful suction, this tilt-and-push vacuum is perfect for heavy work for most spaces in your home. It can be perfect to clean carpets, flat surface or wide area. Its deep-cleaning capability is what makes it stand out from the other types of vacuum.

However, this vacuum can be pretty bulky. Aside from using it for back-and-forth motion, carrying it around may cause more unnecessary hassle.

Canister Vacuum

This vacuum is good for cleaning just about anything. From stairs, walls, curtains, floors to furnitures, its elongated body suits the jobs perfectly. This type of vacuums also commonly come with various attachments, hence, giving it extra flexibility to handle all sort of tasks.

As for its limitation, you may find it annoying having to drag a bulky canister all around your home. Although the vacuum itself can be quite flexible in cleaning, but you as the person operating it, by contrast, require both hands at all time.

Stick Vacuum

Slim and lightweight, these are the common advantage stick vacuums share. Its long body and rotating head make it very easy to manoeuvre around the house. In most models, this type of vacuum can be detached into a hand-held. This will allow you to switch from one task to another swiftly.

Unlike its bulky relatives, stick vacuum has a relatively lower suction power due to its size and weight. Also, the battery life can be quite limited if you were to go for a cleaning marathon.

Hand-held Vacuum

A small unit that can either be corded or cordless. You may find it commonly used for car interior or tiny spaces. It can easily reach small and narrow crevices. It also produces much less noise compared to other types of vacuum.

There are few cons of getting a hand-held vacuum. Due to its size, this vacuum is designed with a relatively lower suction power. Also, some models do not normally come with other attachment. This can be quite tough if you were to clean up different surfaces.

Robotic Vacuum

Being the latest technology among all vacuums, it can be pretty cool to own one. This vacuum maps your room and clean it automatically. All you have to do is select your preferred setting and it will do its work accordingly with the help of a built-in sensor. Having this robotic vacuum (link to https://www.irobot.com/) can be helpful if you were to clean up those unreachable areas, such as under the bed or closet.

Just because it is robotic, doesn’t mean it can do everything by itself. You will still have to put away any obstruction on the floor, otherwise the vacuum will not be able to perform its job to the fullest.

All in all, vacuums come with assorted models just to fit every possible task. At this point, you should be able to identify which model suits you best. When you’re ready to get one, feel free to browse for more at our online store – vacuums @ DS Home.

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