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You spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands of Ringgit on a piece of appliance, of course you will want to get some kind of return. Be it for energy saving or efficiency in handling daily task, this could all play a huge role. But what is the point of having a nice appliance that cannot stay around for long?

Every home or kitchen appliance has a life expectancy before it belongs to the wasteland. The numbers may vary from one item to another. It can also be different depending on one’s usage and the brand. However, here is the general expectancy:

Fridge – up to 14 years

Freezer – up to 20 years

Washer – up to 11 years

Microwave – up to 9 years

Dishwasher – up to 9 years

Air conditioner – up to 15 years

Water heater – up to 13 years

Vacuum – up to 8 years

1. Clean the exterior

Appliances such as fridge or freezer has an exposed side at the back. Its main purpose is to ease your cleaning routine. Over the time, dust and dirt may slowly accumulate, covering the essential parts such as the coils. Clean it once or twice a year to keep its condition at best. Also, if it comes with a drain pan, you might want to check it regularly and never let it flow with water.

2. Avoid overloading

Imagine your appliance as a car – it is never a good idea to overload the passengers in it. Be it washer, fridge, mixer or dishwasher, they all come with a limit to how much content we can put in. For instance, if you find yourself in a tiresome situation and decided to pour all of your laundry into an 8kg washer, remind yourself that the action will cost you another brand new washer soon. This will add extra stress to the motor and the tub bearings, which eventually will lead to your washer’s premature end.

3. Get rid of buildup

This one is probably one of the few common things most appliances share. For example the oil buildup in your range hob or the clog in your burner. Though it seems tiny, it can lead to multiple serious problems in a long run such as reduce of work efficiency, increase of energy usage, irregular malfunction or fire hazard. Since it can be solved without the help of cleaning professionals, you are highly advised to check it every few months.

4. Clean the filters

Appliances such as washer, air conditioner, purifier or cooker hood are designed with certain type of filter to remove unwanted particles. Check it regularly to avoid any form of service disruption. For example, air purifier with clogged filters will definitely has lower air suction power, making the motor to work harder to match the speed you have set. Prolonging this situation will only lead the motor to burnout.

5. Arrange for regular maintenance

All big appliances are required to do regular maintenance, though the frequency might be differed from one to another. Professional helps would be encouraged to avoid any short circuit or error while performing the checkup. It can also help diagnose any early sign of damage.

Jot down these tips as they might help you save up tons of Ringgit in the future. But if you somehow faced unlucky situation, you could find us here for brand new home & kitchen appliances – shop with DS Home.

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