Extended Warranty


Terms & Conditions


For the purpose of this Policy and the Schedule and any endorsements, the following definitions apply:-
i) Products
means the Insured Electrical and/or Electronic product described in the Schedule or Extended Warranty Certificate or Invoice which manufactured for domestic and
personal use in Malaysia and purchased new from authorized dealers and which included at the time of purchase is complete with manufacturers original warranty valid in
ii) Purchaser/Owner of Products
means the purchaser/owner of the products as mentioned in the Extended Warranty Certificate/ Invoice.
iii) Components and Parts
means Components and parts which are incorporated in the Products by the Product Manufacturer.
iv) Mechanical/Electrical/ Electronic Breakdown
means the breaking or burning out (electrical) of any defined parts of the Insured Product arising from mechanical, electrical or electronic defect causing sudden stoppage
of their functions, necessitating repair or replacement.
v) Original Manufacturer’s Warranty
means the warranty provided by the product manufacturer/supplier of the Insured Product as detailed in the Warranty Card, which forms part of the contract.
vi) Extended Warranty Period
means the period specified in the period of cover. The contract will reimburse the Insured for loss incurred as a result of a mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown
to the Insured Product occurring during the Period of Extended Warranty.
vii) Limits of Liability
means the maximum amount the Company will pay in total of all claims in aggregate which may arise during the Extended Warranty Period up to and not exceeding the
Sum Insured as stated in the Extended Warranty Certificate or Invoice. The Sum Insured is the retail price of the product as the time of purchase
viii) Territorial Limit
means valid within Malaysia only.
ix) Authorized Repairer
Any repairer appointed by the Company to service/repair the Insured Product, may change from time to time without prior notice.


1.1 No repairs may be undertaken or commenced under the terms of this contract without the prior approval of the Company. All claims must be supported with the
relevant documentations. The Company reserves the right to examine the Product and subject it to independent assessment. The result of the assessment will determine
the company’s insured liability subject to the Limit of Liability.
1.2 Repair work must take place at the authorized repairer appointed by the Company.
1.3 The cost of dismantling of the Products will be paid in the event of a valid claim. However, if upon dismantling it should be found that the damage is not within the
scope of the Extended Warranty, then the cost of dismantling must be borne by the Insured, always subject to the contract Limits of Liability.
1.4 The Company reserves the right not to carry out work under the terms of this contract if any of the conditions specified has not been complied with or if the claims
are not due to the defective material.
The indemnity provided by this contract shall not apply in respect of judgment which are not in the first instance obtained from a Court of competent jurisdiction within
Malaysia, nor to orders obtained in the said Court for the enforcement or judgement made outside Malaysia whether by way of reciprocal agreements or otherwise.
Extended Warranty Contract
This contract can be transferred to another purchaser with the due written consent of the transferor and must inform the Company in writing. The Extended Warranty
contract has no refundable value and cannot be transferred to another product.
The Company shall be entitled to use the name of the Insured in such manner as it may think fit in bringing proceedings against any person to recover compensation for
the loss sustained. The company shall be entitled to all rights of subrogation whether by way indemnity or otherwise and the Insured shall give all information and render
all assistance in the Insured’s power in connection therewith free of any expense to the Company and execute such assignments thereof as the Company may reasonably
In the event of any occurrence which might give rise to a claim under this contract, the Insured shall:
a) take all reasonable steps within his power to minimize the extend of the loss or damage;
b) preserve the parts affected and make them available for inspection by a representative or surveyor of the Company;
c) furnish all such information and documentary evidence as the Company may require.
The Company shall have the right to conduct periodic audits and inspection of records/damaged parts relating to the insurance at any time whilst coverage under this
Policy is in force by giving the insured at least twenty four (24) hours notice.
The insured shall keep proper records of all loss and this should include the following:
a) copy of Warranty Card showing clearly the Insured Product and its serial number;
b) the insured’s internal form or checklist signed by an authorized employee confirming coverage applies under this contract;
c) copy of the contract application form.
Upon replacement of the damaged Insured Product by a new item, any salvage shall become the property of the Company to dispose of as it deems fit and for its own
benefit. However, it is agreed that if the Company does not take possession of the salvage within ninety (90) days of the receipt of the monthly Claim Report notifying
them of the loss, they will deem to have waived their rights to the salvage and the Insured may then dispose of it accordingly.
In the event of the Company disclaiming liability in respect of any claim and if an action or suit is not commenced within three (3) months after such disclaimer or within
three (3) months after the arbitrators have made their award, all benefit under this contract in respect of such claim shall be forfeited.
Means the Company shall not be liable for any repair during the Time Excess period and Insured shall take full responsibility on all cost of repair of the product.
If at the time any claim arises under this contract there be any other subsisting insurance or insurances, whether effected by the insured or by any other person or
persons, covering the same property, this Company shall not be liable to pay or contribute more than its rateable proportion of such loss or damage.
All differences arising out of this contract shall be referred to the decision of an Arbitrator be appointed in writing by both parties or if they cannot agree upon a single
arbitrator, to the decision of two arbitrators of whom one shall be appointed in writing by each parties and in case of disagreement between the arbitrators, the difference
shall be referred to the decision of an umpire who shall be a condition precedent to any right of action against the Company as regards any dispute regarding the amount
of the Company’s liability under this contract.


This Contract does not cover any loss damage liability or costs directly caused by or contributed to or arising out of or in consequence of:-
(a) Appearance or structural items, such as housing, case or frame, decorative parts or parts designated to be replaced periodically during the life of the product, add-on
items, accessories or attachments, external wiring and cabling, battery charges, bulb, racks bins, knobs, handles, antennas, remote control, tray, duplex, ram, drum kit,
cover transfer kit & network card.
(b) Normal routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments or alignment.
(c) Problems or defects caused by unauthorized or failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation, operation or maintenance instructions. Damage caused by
unauthorized repair personnel is not covered. Unauthorized repair or replacement of covered products shall result in the cancellation of this plan.
(d) Problems or defects due to lack of maintenance as required by the manufacturer.
(e) Reception and/or transmission problems resulting from external causes, modem or data transfer devices.
(f) Any problems or defects not covered by manufacturer’s warranty including operation beyond the temperature and environment specified by manufacturer.
(g) Damage by fire, theft, burglary, accident, neglect, misuse, or abuse. Acts of god including but not limited to earthquake, storm or tempest (wind), sand, water, flood,
rising water, lightning, malicious damage, aircraft, vehicle impact, corrosion, battery leakage, power outages or surges, inadequate or improper voltage, or current, animal
or insect infestation.
(h) Normal wear and tear items not integral or necessary to the functioning of the products or routine service, or if the wear and tear on the part has exceeded the field
tolerances allowed by the Manufacturer.
(i) Commercial usage (except for office product such as facsimile machines, copiers and computers which are used for home and light office use).
(j) Any defects which are subject to manufacturer’s recall or which are covered under a manufacturer’s program or reimbursement.
(k) Breakdown caused by computer virus or realignment to products. Defects resulting directly and/or indirectly from software installation and removal are also excluded.
(l) Consequential losses of any kind.
(m) Transportation damage is excluded.
(n) Products with removed, tempered or altered serial numbers and /or warranty seal are not covered.
(o) Any failure, malfunction, defect, inoperability, breakdown, disruption or stoppage of the product or any product functions or the function of any related components
caused by, arising from or related to directly or indirectly and design, planning or engineering compatibility, omission or deficiency with the incidents of the year 2000.
(p) Claims that is false or fraudulent or intentionally exaggerated or if any false declarations or statements be made in support thereof, no claim shall be recoverable
(q) If the number of defective pixels is less than eight (8) dots, it shall not warrant a repair or replacement.
(r) service or parts to correct problems resulting from the use of attachments, accessories, or alteration not conforming to manufacturer.
(s) External flash, non-built in flash & flash bulbs
(t) On-site service repair other than above 29 inches CTV, LCD/LED, Plasma TV, refrigerator & washing machine is excluded.
(u) Use of non-approved ink cartridges, other than original manufacturer brand, SVR brand or any brand where deemed fit by the Company with prior written approval,
shall result in the cancellation of this contract.